Armenia was once a great civilization. Considered one of the world’s oldest civilizations, the country has faced several periods of oppression and invasion throughout its history. There are countless things to explore and do in Armenia.

The Monastery of Geghard

monastery-of-geghardThe Monastery of Geghard is a medieval monastery that was carved out of the adjacent mountain and is surrounded by cliffs. This is a World Heritage Site. A main feature of the monastery is a 1215 chapel complex that was founded in the fourth century.

A sacred spring is located in a cave, and this is a picturesque adventure.

Matenadaran Museum of Ancient Manuscripts

The Museum of Ancient Manuscripts is a stunning relic of the past. This is a Museum of Ancient Manuscripts. The museum records many writings from the 5th century from Ghazar Parpetsi, an ancient historian.

Greek and Armenian manuscripts were noted in the Etchmiadzin Cathedral.

Thousands of manuscripts were destroyed over the centuries, and in 1170 alone, there are rumors that 10,000 manuscripts were burned at the time.

All collections provided in the museum include 17,000 manuscripts and some 30,000 documents. Guests cannot touch these scripts for obvious reasons, but it covers everything from grammar and medicine as well as science and history.

Lake Sevan Region

A tropical paradise, the Lake Sevan Region is filled with:

  • Picturesque waters
  • Cabanas
  • Resorts
  • Restaurants

Winters are long in the region, and the region spans over numerous cites: Sevan, Kavar, Vardenis, Shorjha and Martuin.

Taxi is the best way to get around the far side, and prices are low. There is the beautiful Sevanavank Monastery, which is the most visited destination on the lake. Numerous other monasteries are in the vicinity.

Fish restaurants are in abundance, and fish is very cheap.

Vodka is the drink of choice in the area, and most locals speak Russian.

There are areas of the lake that allow you to go swimming, wind surfing, sailing and rowing. You’re urged to remain safe in the lake, as whirlpools and rip currents are present in the water. So, if you are not confident it is advised you have supervision and possibly practice before you go, maybe get back on your stamina body trac glider to gain a level of fitness.


Armenia is home to one of the world’s worst genocides in history. The site is visited by 200,000 people per year, and it’s situated on the hills along the pristine Hrazdan River. Construction of the monument started in early 1962.

This is a humbling experience of history.

The genocide took place between 1915 and 1923 when the Ottoman empire gathered up 235 – 270 intellectuals and leaders who were mostly murdered.

Deportation and mass murder of the Armenians led to 1.5 million deaths during the genocide. Ottoman Christians were killed.

The memorial is a chilling reminder of the cold, dark past of the world.

Garni Temple

garni-templeThe Temple of Garni is an ancient structure erected by pagans. This Hellenistic temple was built to the sun god Mihr. The temple was converted to a royal summer home in the fourth century.

The temple features Ancient Greek architecture, and you can still see ancient Greek engravings at the temple.

It’s a beautiful site to see for history buffs. Visitors will want to make their way to the nearby monastery of Geghard. The temple is also a neo pagan shrine that has grown in favor in recent decades.